Centre Grants 272 Crore For DU Women’s Development

The centre grants 272 crore for the development of Delhi University women’s hostels and securities

The Delhi University Student Union welcomes the decision to grant Rs. 272 crores for women’s hostels and securities development at Delhi University.

Centre Grants 272 Crore For Du Women's Development

On Friday, the centre approved the Rs. 272 crores budget under the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Viksit Bharat. The Ministry of Women and Child Development, led by Minister Mrs. Smriti Irani, passed Rs. 272 crores for the construction of residential accommodation for working women and girls pursuing higher education at Delhi University under the Nirbhaya Fund to increase the number of women in higher education.

The budget of Rs. 200 crores will be utilised in the construction of accommodation for female students and working women at Delhi University, and Rs. 72 crores will be utilised for the installation of CCTV surveillance systems across the hostels, other accommodation premises, and the prestigious campus of Delhi University. This initiative will be implemented in two phases, each comprising 500 well-appointed accommodations. Ultimately, the facility will encompass 1000 beds, supported by a wide range of enhanced security features and gender-sensitive amenities.

The Delhi University also allotted 67.71 crore for the establishment of the wifi network in 90 colleges and women’s hostels and for the accommodation of the university.

Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan stated that the initiative will encourage more female participation in higher education and national development. “State-of-the-art accommodation with gender-sensitive amenities and enhanced security features will provide an environment where #NariShakti can thrive and excel,” he added.

MP Manoj Tiwari said” The special focus of the hostel is on Girls safety, and that’s why 72 crore is spent alone on women’s safety.”

A BJP candidate from New Delhi said, “A centre for Buddhism and Gurmukhi would be constructed at the Khalsa College at a cost of 35 crore. He also said, “The construction of the women’s hostels and DUSU offices will increase the popularity of the Modi government among the youth.”.


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