P.N. Panicker

Reading Day : Celebrated by the nation

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has celebrated the 25th National Reading Day on June 19, 2020. The day was first celebrated in...

‘Science’ : Not just a subject for high school

Science as a subject is taught in school right from the very beginning since the primary level. Almost everything, that we use around us...

Delhi government bans online and semi-online classes in all private schools during summer holidays.

Government of Delhi has prohibited all private schools from operating any kind of online and semi-online classes during the summer vacations. The Education Department...
Things Book Lover Will Understand

Things Only A Book Lover Will Understand

1. BOOKS ARE ADDICTIVE Others might get addicted to drugs but for you books are the nicotine.  For you books are much more addictive...

Is CBCS a setback? – All you need to know about CBCS-

Freshers in a setback with CBCS? All that you need to know about it. (Choice based Credit System) 1. What ‘Choice’ are you talking about? A student has...