‘Science’ : Not just a subject for high school

Science as a subject is taught in school right from the very beginning since the primary level. Almost everything, that we use around us...
P.N. Panicker

Reading Day : Celebrated by the nation

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has celebrated the 25th National Reading Day on June 19, 2020. The day was first celebrated in...

Delhi government bans online and semi-online classes in all private schools during summer holidays.

Government of Delhi has prohibited all private schools from operating any kind of online and semi-online classes during the summer vacations. The Education Department...
Things Book Lover Will Understand

Things Only A Book Lover Will Understand

1. BOOKS ARE ADDICTIVE Others might get addicted to drugs but for you books are the nicotine.  For you books are much more addictive...

Is CBCS a setback? – All you need to know about CBCS-

Freshers in a setback with CBCS? All that you need to know about it. (Choice based Credit System) 1. What ‘Choice’ are you talking about? A student has...


10 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students

10 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For Students From All Over The World

10 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada For International Students In this article, we've rounded up some of the best fully funded scholarships in Canada for...

Contemplations after the First Year in DU

“Do you have enough percentage (read: best of four marks in luck-based board exams) to get into the University of Delhi?” Yes. I managed,...

Project Prabhakshay

Project Prabhakshay is an effort towards a brighter, cleaner and greener future by taking various measures towards promotion of solar energy. The project focuses...

10 Famous Ramjas Alumni

One of the first colleges of Delhi University, Ramjas College has already entered its 100th year. The college celebrated this milestone with much grandeur....

Excessive Social Media : A Deep-Seated Manipulation

Appreciation and acceptance are two basic aspects that govern our consciousness in multiple ways. However, with our growing time investments on social media, these two...