‘Science’ : Not just a subject for high school

Science and tech

Science as a subject is taught in school right from the very beginning since the primary level. Almost everything, that we use around us is just a discovery or invention of science. Every equipment that we use is made of science; but have you ever spared a thought as to how science has made everyday lives more comfortable, richer and progressive.

If we compare our lives with our forefathers, we will find huge difference of science and technology. They used to live in mud houses with thatched roofs, where as we not only live in strong brick houses but in multi-storey buildings with lifts as well.

In the mode of communication and travel we have come so far; it is an another sphere of scientific devices that has brought enormous progress. In today’s world we have telephones, mobile phones, tablets, televisions etc. through which we can communicate to any person anywhere in the world. Cars, trains, aeroplanes they just keep updating their systems again and again just to provide an increase in the comfort of travelling.

Further, if we talk about medicine and doctors, they are a part of our everyday life as well. In today’s world, there is medicine and treatment for almost every disease. And if there is not, then the scientists and researchers are using the scientific equipments to research on the cures and treatments, if not found yet.

Yet people just seem so much frightened of this term, in the name of physics and chemical reactions. But, they don’t realise they are using all of these already in their daily lives. Thus, science is not only about a difficult stream to be studied in high school but about basic knowledge about our normal daily life and the magnitude of change and tremendous improvement that has taken place since ages.

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Yashika Zutshi studying English Hons at University of Delhi. Being an ambivert yet she loves to share her thoughts, be it by writing or by speaking. She believes in spreading happiness and positivity all around.


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