CBSE Class 10 and 12 evaluation

You enjoy even the most boring class if you sit on the last bench of the class with your friends. 

You don’t even care what the teacher is teaching, but you actually make the best memories of your life there.

There are no back benches, only your sofa set where you can lie down and switch off your video and mic. Then you can even watch your favourite show on the television and the teacher won’t know. 
Your tiffin box is not just yours. All your friends have rights on it.

Everything becomes delicious in the class with a group of friends when you eat.

There is no one to put their hands in your tiffin box and take away all your food without permission.

You are all by yourself.

You have to spend a lot of time on getting ready to show your charm to your crush. Nobody cares if you have even taken a bath or not. You just need to put a good profile picture and that’s it.
It becomes very tiring to travel to schools and colleges especially if your home is kilometers away from your destination. You just wish to get rid of metros and buses and e-rickshaws shouting out names of various colleges. You miss all the metro and bus rides. Taking a nap after being so tired in your cosy bed was the best feeling ever. 

In online classes,there is no physical tiredness.

You are punished to stand out of the class if you forget to do your homework. Punishments have lost their fun. You can hardly be scolded by the teacher.
Bunking classes and sitting on the terrace with your best friend used to be the best therapy session for your heart and soul. Not pressing on the class link to join is all it takes to bunk an online class. You either watch television or keep scrolling your phone screen at that time.
The broken pieces of chalk, scattered pieces of paper in the entire class and one CCTV camera placed above your heads made a classroom complete and lively. There is no fun, excitement and joy. Each day you push yourself to join that Zoom meeting and that’s how you spend your day. 
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Vidhi Jain
Vidhi Jain is an enthusiastic writer who never drops a chance to write. Self contentment and calmness are her strengths which always motivate her to leave no stone unturned in her work. She presently is doing her graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.


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