There has to be a reason why Delhi University attracts so much of students from all over the country and why every student’s ultimate dream is scoring high and getting to DU.
DU is the largest university of the country, it obviously has a status quotient that attracts flocks of students. but this status quotient is there for a reason. The university has over 86 academic departments. DU is a hub that provides a headstart for the beginning of a career in any of the fields you want to pursue, ranging in hundreds of subjects, be it languages, travel or corporates. It provides its pupils with the best in class facilities and education which provides them an edge wherever they go.
DU offers a number of course choices for undergraduate level degree and after completing UG degree from DU, students have a number of options in hand to continue further with. First, DU UG degree has high acceptance in Foreign Universities , so the students wanting to go abroad for higher studies can rely on DU. And since the recent NAAC Accredation of DU colleges has enabled students to take admission in Foreign Universities with a 3 year course and not 4, its like a cherry on the top.
Second, placements – a number of reputed companies & firms & startups come to DU every year to hunt talent & hire individuals. DU prepares students for employment and provides ample opportunities for the same too. So you can directly kickstart your job career after graduating from DU if you wish to. The jobs offered have a lot of variety suiting one’s intersts and subject. And the packages provided are also quite decent touching an average of about 6LPA in some colleges and going as high as 30L PA in some cases. And even if not via campus placements, you can apply individually as well to the firms of your choice and get acceptance.
Third, if you want to go for your masters or post graduation after completing UG from DU, DU enables you for that as well. And there is a wide range of careers to be pursue, to name a few, management and business, economics, medicine, science & research, arts, social science, statistics, law and many more. One can venture in any big institute of the country for further studies after taking a DU under graduate degree. In fact, DU also has departments for post graduate and masters studies.
Further, DU also acts as a platform for extra curriculum activities. For those who have an edge in performing arts related fields, such as music, dance, debating, photography, fine arts or any other talent, du acts as a national platform to nurture such talents. As a student of DU, you are going to get a number of platforms to perform, grow connections and go ahead with a career in this field.
Many students also go ahead to join government services after graduating from DU. So DU is an apt foundation to one’s career and accomodates all kind of options and interests that one can think of.


By  Priyanka Dudeja for DU Times

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  1. Non college students can take part in regular college in 2 nd year ? It is possible if possible o what is the process & eligibility?


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