Diversity in Colleges

India is a land of Diversity. Its diversity is unique. India presents endless varieties of physical features and cultural patterns. India can be considered as “the epitome of the world”.
If India is such a diverse country why is diversity not readily accepted in colleges and universities? Why do people face racism and discrimination outside their homeland?
Diversity on college campuses is very essential. Learning with people from a variety of backgrounds encourages collaboration and fosters innovation, thereby benefiting all students.
College life gives us an opportunity to have real interaction with people of diverse groups. Its like opening the door to the world without actually travelling. Diversity expands our capability for viewing issues and problems from multiple perspective. We learn to expand our views and consider multiple options when making decisions. Learning from people whose backgrounds differ from our own enhances our self awareness and self-insight.
Diversity on college campuses has increased but yet minorities and women still face discrimination till today. It doesn’t matter whether it is a public or a private university and also it doesn’t matter where it is located, discrimination is found everywhere. Students who are in the minority often face additional challenges at college.
An individual brought up in a milieu where one spends many hours of the day in engaging with superstitious beliefs, lesser exposure and irrational thinking mostly swayed by emotions, finds difficulty in accepting someone who according to them does not follow the “bharatiya sanskriti”.
Hair style and dressing style generally make the conservative lot of people to develop an opinion that they are” bad” people.
Well its high time that people start recognizing differences and become tolerant. Recognition is vital for human existence which otherwise leads to social exclusion of groups of people.
By Amisha L Phukan 
Content Writer, DU Times.
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