Note: Try to visualize the scenes as you read.

“I got up early at 6:30 today. Made coffee for both of us, my better half and me. (Sipping coffee together in the morning out in verandah with chit-chats is a fundamental part of our routine which I absolutely love.) Next, completed the household chores. Made everyone’s  breakfast. Cleaned the house. Washed the clothes. Dropped the kids to their bus-stand. Kissed my better half while she was leaving for her workplace. Bolted the doors. Resumed working.”

The man, Mr. Tharma, in dialogue is a hypothetical character because, on our planet Earth, such a species doesn’t exist or existed a long time ago which an advanced and progressive human mind is not capable of recalling. If you are not a native of my planet Earth, which, in fact, is an abode of many living species, including human beings, I’ll give you a tour to this planet not forgetting to familiarize you with its rule book of course. If you are a native of my planet Earth, get a revision of the rules.

Man and woman are two wonderful creations of the Almighty but never have they been taken on the same ground on this planet.

Boys don’t cry, girls do. (Emotional is a metaphor, for girls.)

Boys are always strong, if they are not, their gender would come into contemplation. Girls are generally not strong, if they are, then they are called upon as “as strong as a boy”. (Strong is a metaphor, for boys.)

Boys don’t learn to cook, wash and clean. They always depend upon their future wives, who, do know cooking, washing, and cleaning.

You should know that kitchen utensils and brooms are particular to mothers, and belts and polished shoes to fathers. “Mummy ka belan” and “Papa ki belt” are the phrases used upon by the same people who shout their throats out for wanting a place where women should equally be seen in offices as in kitchens and men should equally be seen in kitchens as in offices.

Many people believe in gender equality but hardly do they practice it.

A gentle reminder – So, next time, if you get to take birth on our planet, your sexuality would be determined many-a-times by other humans during your life based on these parameters, apart from the one time when the doctor tells it during your birth through your genitals.




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