How is Bcom Hons different from Bcom Programme?

With the results being announced of 12th standard by the Central Board of Secondary Education and the cut off lists of Delhi University to be announced soon, many of you students might be having confusion of what to choose between Bcom Hons or Bcom Programme and what exactly is the difference between both these courses but we are here just to clear the way for you and help you opt the best!
Bcom Hons and BCom Programme , both the courses offers and teaches all the detail subjects which comprises of a commerce stream but Bcom Hons is different from Bcom Programme in a way that Bcom Hons is an undergraduate degree which is designed to inculcate business acumen in the students and you can even pursue courses like Chartered Accountancy along with it but in Bcom Programme a student is given an overview of all the subjects taught in the honours course.
A student has to choose a particular subject to specialise in when it comes to the course  Bcom hons where as in Bcom Programme he doesn’t get the option to specialise in a particular subject.
Also the cutoffs are usually higher for the course Bcom Hons as compared to Bcom Programme and the demand in the industry  for Bcom Hons is also higher in comparison with Bcom Programme.
With this distinction between these two courses we hope we cleared the air of confusion you guys must be having and helped you even a little in making it easy for you to opt the best choice for yourself!
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