Why to choose English Honours as a Degree Course

English Honors is one of the most sought after courses in Delhi University after Economics Honors. Everyday the University gets thousands of applications for this course because of its large scope of career options that it leaves open for its students. Despite the myth attached that one can only go into teaching after graduation the course also open the ways of venturing into journalism, writing, editing, MBA, etc.

Aspirants have to keep in mind that pursuing literature is done in its purest form at the university level. It is very different from what one studies at school. Literature does not only counts for reading classic texts but one must be much aware about the socio-economic history of the text, life background of the writer and the feature of the concerned age. No one teaches you English grammar as it is taken as a prerequisite.

Many students find it difficult to cope with the text and wonder why they are being given history and sociology lessons

But irrespective of its syllabus it has a much greater impact on the individual self, thinking process and mentality.

One can notice a considerable change in one’s personality after three years.

Following are some of the main things you’ll master at the end of this course –

  1. Critical Thinking :- The years of over analyzing, criticizing, and reading fictional incidents and characters will change the way you look at life and problems around you. You can have a better psychological and behavioural understanding of the people around you. The quality most sought after in a journalist or a lawyer.
  2. History :- How will you know the history of England on your finger tip`. The social cultural and economic conditions from 14th century till now. From greek mythology modern, pre modern history of America you’ll learn how our lifestyle depend on our political situations.
  3. Feminist thinking :- The main aspect of this course is that it further facilitates your feminist ideologies. You will do a feminist reading of every text which can further ignite a passion for gender studies in you.
  4. Sensitization :- The best feature one will attain during the tenure of the course is sensitization. The value of human emotion, sympathy, empathy, one can feel a great intimacy with nature resulting in a more peaceful way of living.

Intensive reading of all those books filled with sexual innuendos and the funniest literature are just a part of your degree. Most of the self study would be fun and interesting.

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Srishti Hans
She is a 3rd year literature student from Lakshmi Bai College. She is a voracious reader and a theatre enthusiast.


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