BA Programme to be the most desirable course in DU

There were times when BA programme was looked down upon and was given very less value in comparison to honours courses. But this year the admission in this course crossed over more than 10,000 in Delhi University.

Usually in honours courses one perticular subject is given much importance and indepth study on that subject is done so basically you become master in one subject but on the other hand in programme course, two or more subjects aare studied together, usually two and shallow knowldege on each subject is given. Both the courses are equally difficult but we tend to look honours courses as more difficult and more worthy course than that of programme course.

Students can choose a combination of their choices like Maths, Sociology, English, Political Science etc. So you can choose maths with history, economics with sociology and thus can help bring two opposite subjects come together in a single course thus providing overall knowledge of two distinct field at the same time.Also making them eligible for all the competitive exams. Another reason for the course gaining popularity is that many students think that this course would be more helpful for civil services examination.

BA programme is no longer the poor option in comparision to honours degree courses and is not a back-up option anymore.

Why think of any other option when you can study subjects of your choice and of your combination in this course.

There are many options after doing B.A programme that one can seek for like:

  • Teaching jobs -Post-graduation in courses like B.Ed. or M.A. After this course, candidates are eligible for PGT jobs, elementary and secondary principalships in private and government schools. One needs to qualify NET/SET for securing teaching job.
  • Management jobs– Doing MBA after graduation can lead you to management jobs in private or government institutions.
  • Law-If you have studied subjects like English,Hindi, history and political science in graduation, then you can try in field of law as well. As these subject makes a base for law course.
  • Competitive examnination– After completing graduation, students are eligible to apply for civil service examinations and also get eligible to apply for Bank PO exams,Indian defense service etc.

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