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What is AIESEC all about?
AIESEC is the world’s largest youth run organization. This international organization is currently present in over 127 countries empowering young people with practical leadership opportunities to develop themselves into global leaders with an urge to make a difference. AIESEC in Delhi IIT saw its origin 34 years back in 1981. It is the oldest AIESEC chapter which started in India and continues to shine through decades. Being a parent entity of India, AIESEC DI proudly led and established AIESEC Chandigarh in 1988. The exchange programs are smartly aligned with the best experiences to offer. Prioritizing on the quality of each exchange, AIESEC DI successfully provides students with various opportunities globally and generates socially responsible leadership.

remoteImage“AIESEC is one full bucket of water full of opportunities, drink as much as you can. Learn, grow, enhance your knowledge and skill, and when you think the entire bucket of opportunities is finished, one is free to leave the organisation!” says Karan Sawhney, Local Committee President, AIESEC in Delhi IIT.
AIESEC recruitment drives takes place twice in a year. The organizing committee for recruitment of new members visit different universities and institutes. The interested candidates have to fill in a form that is distributed followed by a group of assessment test in
which the candidates respond to several situations that analyse their creativity and ability
of working in teams. The final stage is a one -to one interview that determines whether
he/she is actually eligible to be a part of AIESEC or not.
If you’re lucky enough to get to call yourself an AIESECer, here are a few things you will instantly grasp being an “AIESECer“.
1. Change of attitude and behaviour
You’re aggressive, you learn self-discipline. You’re angry, you practice anger management,
the point is that you would always add a new behaviour to your attitude and be a new
person bit by bit.​2. Self-awareness
You basically become more self-aware about your capabilities, your surroundings and your
options, then you weigh your results to know what should and should not have been done.​3. Changing scopes
How you thought you were someone then you discover there is a whole other person in you
when you go through something different. Your perspectives change and you become more
eager to know more and more about more things.​

4. Responsibility
At first it’s not clear but then you realize there are those who depend on you, whether they’re your team members or your team mates or your EP’s! So, you can’t just walk away, you prove to yourself that you are the right person in the right place at the right time.​

5. A sense of belonging
The most valuable need that a human being search for through his/her life span is the need
to belong to somewhere, to someone, or some place. In AIESEC, you would find your home
in the hearts of those who share what you share and have a common mind-set just like
yours. Then, you would know you can talk to anybody about nearly anything and he/she
would fully understand you. There is no other place that can offer you to belong and long to
it even when you haven’t really left like AIESEC does.​

We match, we absorb the anger we have towards our EP’s, we stay late at night searching for projects, we prepare sessions and meeting agendas, we send emails more than we breathe but all that adds up to our FUN part where we dance and laugh and enjoy every single thing in AIESEC!

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