7 jaw dropping Indian series to watch

Boredom has just set its standards so high that we have almost drained our watchlist. Here we present you a list of 7 Indian series to binge watch. So grab your bucket of munchies ang get ready to roll.


  1. Yeh Meri Family – Don’t we all miss the 90’s vibe? This show will surely remind every 90’s kid of their golden days. The show is set in the summer of 1998 and showcases the importance of family values.

The story revolves around Harshu Gupta a 12year old boy who belongs to a middle -class family. All the scenes are directed in a such a manner that it reminds you of your innocent childhood days.

The Truthfulness, honesty and simplicity makes you realise the importance of your family.


  1. Panchayat – The show focuses on the difficulties faced by the rural India. It show cases the daily doings of an Indian rural life. The cast and crew is hilarious and humorous ay the same time.

This is a show which will easily put up a smile on your face.


  1. Arya – Sushmita Sen is back with a (BANG)

Disney + Hotstar gives a reason to stick to your screens to watch this brilliant crime drama. The show depicts the transformation of a woman to being protective to being a protector.

The entire show was shot with hand held camera to give it a natural feel.



  1. Asur – The show will leave you with “Asur hangover”. The show has mixed up the Hindu mythology with a human psychology and made him believe that he can be that one devil who can challenge the god and can bring the actual kalyug, cool isn’t it?

The performances given by the cast makes you hold on to your couch.



  1. Paatal Lok – Jaideep Ahlawat was born to play Hathi Ram Choudhary, the show gives a deep insight into the corrupt political system which involves the bureaucrats.

Paatal Lok comes up as a thriller with an epic storyline backed up by phenomenal performances.



  1. Kota Factory – This show without any doubt portrays the struggles and hardships of a student who is a victim of the “Great Indian rat race”

Whenever you find anyone complaining about the quality content in India just send them the link of Kota factory. The show is set in Kota where the coaching centres are not just merely centres but are money minting hubs.

And not forget Jitu bhaiya makes the series worth watching.



  1. Mirzapur- Last but not the least the most renowned show of amazon prime MIRZAPURRR

If you are searching for something Raw and yet new you gotta watch this series the cast and crew makes it even better. Its highly engaging and an enjoyable crime drama.

Watch it if you are interested in knowing the social and economic structure of eastern UP. The whole series has earthy feeling with their bomb local dialogues.

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