15 ways College is Different from School

College sounds pretty great, right? May be that’s because it is!

College can mean different things to different people, but one common belief for most of the people is that college means more freedom. College is a learning space in which you take responsibility to keep your brain at work & apply what you have learnt.
In college, you are no more dependent on teachers, classes, parents or any other support. You are free from disciplinary issues, limitations, strict rules, societal views, instructions, & loads of homework that you hated in your school times. You enjoy that freedom in college, which you don’t get in school. School allows you to inculcate a sense of what will it be like to be an adult. On the other hand college allows you to fully take ownership of yourself of course along with responsibilities.
While studying in college you will feel that you have been released from following the old strict norms

• Unlike school, you do not have to wake up early at a fixed time in the morning for class but wake up whenever your first class is scheduled in the college.
9• Freedom in college allows you to bunk classes and hangout with friends, and of course the temptation to skip classes is irresistible.
4• You will no more be bothered by homework or the tension notes getting checked by the teachers (or professors), as they don’t even care anymore. You are required to maintain notes on your own.
3• You get the privilege to move out from the monotony of wearing the uniform daily and you can wear the coolest clothes & compose a nice wardrobe. You can develop your own unique style in college.
6• You carry almost everything with you while learning at school-including books, pens, pencils, a water bottle, lunch or even a fully arranged bag whereas it is quite funny to know that a single notebook and a pen comprises of what most of the students bring with them in college. You can attend all classes with that single notebook. This might seem funny but yeah! That’s the way it is.
10• You required permission to participate in extracurricular activities in school but no more, in college you must on your own decide whether to participate in co-curricular activities or not. It depends on your choice & selection.
1• Professors will not remind you about the incomplete work but they’ll assume you can perform well in tests. No pressure from their side.

• It’s your wish to attend all the classes of the day or to attend the half and leave. There are no objections from teachers for attendance but it is mandatory in its own way (You know 65% shit)
5• You get the superpower to party with your friends and celebrate wherever you like.
2• You get to live with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life and you are gonna love this mixed crowd.

• You get the liberty to attend the fests, events, cultural programs. You enjoy inter-college festivals too.
16• You earn an open and helpful environment at college and get useful support and advices from your seniors.

• There are no punishments or scolding for the missed classes but it would be bliss to have that geeky friend in class from whom you manage getting notes.

• You get relieved from the process of copying from the board as most classes have oral lectures and it’s your wish to note what you understand.
7• You can manage your convenience and travel on your own.
College is a great experience and is a very serious time of your life. It is also a time for you to have fun and experience what life has to offer. Even though you have attended school for most of your life, college differs greatly from what you have experienced. It awaits you with lots of new stuff, challenges and changes in your life sprinkled with fun & joy to cheer up students from the boring monotonous lifestyle.
6Even though college brigs freedom it also makes you bow down with new kind of responsibilities, it is more of a transition than a complete freedom. You leave a set of rules to enter into another.


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