6 Stupidities of DU Administration

DU Admin- Not So Cool !

When in problem, contacting administration is not so easy in Delhi University. Admin Dept is supposed to be supportive and helpful but it turns out to be a complete waste with their never ending saas-bahu melodrama!

 Kya tum form nahi laye??
Kya tumne isse black pen se fill kiya hai???

And a series of questions go on……

1.”Aaj nahi hoga, kal aana
5This is their favorite line. Seems like they didn’t read Kabir’s Doha in their childhood days. They are least bothered about someone’s time and efforts. These are the reasons that people don’t like Government jobs because all they care about is their chai :p

  1. Coz they are synonyms of the word “Lethargic”
    Signing papers and applying stamps is too mainstream because we just know how to lay back and relax. They exactly know how to pull off  “IDGAF” attitude really well. You’ll surely decode that abbreviation 😉
  2. Never ending Lunch breaks
    The assigned time for a break is 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ! But who respects the damn time ?
    Time is Money but surely not for them because their jobs pay them well for wasting crucial time.
  3. ‘Chai’, the staple drink
    These people can be easily spotted roaming in corridors, sipping on a hot steaming cup of tea and enjoying their “Sarkari Naukari”.  They can’t go an hour without it.
  4. They are best Debaters
    6Try and prove them wrong and you will end up in a huge argument. They will go to any extent to prove their illogical point.  Plus, they will annoy you with a long lecture about moral values (so ironic).
  5. Systematic work doesn’t work with system
    No No No, they don’t follow rules and procedures, instead they believe in making new and lame ones! The unstable DU guidelines will become the most certain part of your life while you are part of this ‘coolest university ‘.



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