Women Empowerment at Half Baked Beans

Woman empowerment not just begins by giving big lectures on womanhood and feminism, but by blending the liberal thoughts in daily life. When a lot of companies impose a sabbatical on the women employees post motherhood or discriminate at the workplace on the grounds of gender, Half Baked Beans is breaking all stereotypes and creating a base for the progressive society. A dedicated team of female professionals working day and night to ensure that the best content reaches to the readers. Such is the dedication of the team at HBB. The team comprises of Marketing and Content Head, Content Manager, and a Graphic Designer. With 3 women employees at the core of the team, the publishing house surely knows how to boost woman employment.

While the Delhi-based publishing house celebrates its three-year Anniversary this January, let us have a look at the core team of the publishing house that drives this startup.

At the core, there are three women, Zenia Khurshid, Richa Saxena and Yugchhaya Baid who represent the women power at HBB. Driven by passion, motivated by life and a common thread that binds them together – To bake up the raw beans.

Zenia khurshid, the Content and Marketing Head of the publishing house, represents the young India fueled by zeal and a passion to excel. She is a Master in Mass Communication pass out from GGSIPU and HBB is her first workplace after completing her Masters. About her experience with HBB she says, “I could not have asked for a better start. There is so much to explore and experiment in terms of Marketing that it has been an amazing learning experience for a newcomer in this field, my experience with HBB has been so-far-so-good. We are looking out for more youth centric activities and to get extensively into book marketing in future. The best part is that there is no creative restriction and we work as a team.”

She is a marketing expert who constantly strives to churn great ideas into deliverables.

Who says marriage and having a child is the end of this world. Meet Richa Saxena, a Content Manager who curates the content for the publishing house and also handles Social Media Marketing. A corporate professional turned content writer, she finds it very fascinating to be a part of the publishing house. “You talk about any industry and there is so much of patriarchy, dominance and rivalry, but Half Baked Beans is an exception. I have a 3-year-old kid and I work from home. I only attend office fortnightly and that shows the creative liberty that the publishing house offers. Which else company would do that? You are valued for your intellectual contribution and not for the man-hours devoted. HBB has extremely competitive, innovative and a dynamic team. Proud to be associated.”

Any publishing house is known for its innovative approach and how well it represents its books. The covers of this publishing house have always been great and there is a strong reason to it. Yugchhaya Baid is the person behind the cool covers of the publishing house. She is a young girl with myriad talents.

Yugchaya Baid makes sure that the covers and graphic requirements of the publishing house are always prioritised. They are splashed with colors of creativity and enthusiasm.

“I understand that it is very important to break the stereotypes and always come up with something new. That is the reason I keep experimenting with designs and graphics”, she says.

With various stints as a creative designer, she is a powerhouse of talent.

This is what I would call women empowerment where they are motivated and backed to grow. It is heart-warming to see that when the women are manhandled around, this one publishing house that makes sure that the women employees are not only hired but given a platform to grow. HBB follows an incredible ideology that resonates with the aspirations of many women out there.

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