Will Hindi-Medium Students get their due in DU?

"When there is a talk about equality, there are no discriminations made"

In a country where 57.09% of the population is Hindi- speaking according to the 2011 census report, it is very disenchanting to see the state of Hindi medium students in Delhi University. Many Hindi medium students opt for different courses at Delhi University but they do not get the same resources and materials as the English medium students in their language. Most of them have to study from the basic books and cannot read the other materials, articles, or relevant sections from other papers as there are no Hindi translations available. According to DU Professors, in college-level studies and exams, it is not sufficient to study from the basic books. The students need to have a piece of in-depth and vast knowledge about the different topics discussed in class. Because it will come in exams. This negatively impacts their performance in exams. While the English medium students have a plethora of reading materials, the Hindi medium students are saddled with basic books.

Most of the books or articles in the recommended and suggested readings are from foreign authors and written in English. Those by Indian authors are also in the English language. There are no Hindi translations available in the library or elsewhere. When will this second-hand treatment stop? How can we expect students who have studied from Hindi Medium to translate such difficult and abstruse books with high-level English words? Isn’t it the responsibility of the concerned authorities to make the Hindi translation of the books and articles available? Isn’t it the duty of colleges to treat students of all mediums equally? Earlier there were two different sets of teachers for Hindi and English medium separately. As the number of Hindi-medium students decreased, that system was undone. But isn’t it an obligation of professors to entertain and teach the Hindi medium students like English medium students?

It is the need of the hour to treat students as students, making them comfortable and creating an environment of healthy exchange of knowledge which has to be imparted in the language of students. College life is an extremely important phase of life as our future depends upon what we do now. So it is necessary to detect the flaws within the system and make corrections for the welfare of students of all mediums.


VIAAastha Arya
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