When will the lockdown of feelings open ?


The lockdowns due to coronavirus in India have started opening with the Unlocks coming into picture. Lockdown confined us to the four walls of our homes. But the good news is that these walls are fading away slowly. But, when will the walls confining our feelings fade away ? When will the lockdown of feelings come at ease ? Interesting question, isn’t it ? 


Mental health has become a much talked about issue since the suicide of SSR. They say that he was in depression that made him take this step. When I searched the causes of depression on the internet, they answered : family issues, financial problems, workplace stress, etc. But, if thought carefully, aren’t these problems there in almost every person’s life ? Very few people are born with a silver spoon. Others have to keep struggling all their lives to reach a successful life. Then why does depression attack only a few ?


What is the real cause then ?

The cause of all this is very simple but often very much oblivious. The only cause of drowning into depression is not opening up the tornado of feelings going inside. We experience a lot of feelings every time something happens with us. These include happy, sad, frustrated, upset, overwhelmed feelings. Happy feelings motivate us and provide us a certain boost of energy. On the other hand, sad feelings take us into a different zone of depressed thoughts and overthinking. The important point is that if we have someone around us to share these sad feelings or to celebrate our happy feelings with, we feel relaxed. That’s why it is always said to share the problems with someone. Not to get the solution from the other person, but to feel relaxed.


How does that affect a person ?

If we do not share these thoughts with anyone, the feelings and emotions start bottling up inside our souls. Then enters the stage of overthinking where we keep on thinking all the time. Sometimes we do not even realise that we have landed up in a different world altogether. Depression and suicide are the ultimate stages. This makes it important to not let the feelings brim up inside the mind. They need to be flushed out to have a healthy mind and soul.

How to share feelings when there is no one close ?

This is a problem that introverts face the most as they have a reserved personality most of the time. And not just them, many of us do not have a very trusted person around us in front of whom we can be an open book. In these cases, it is always advisable to maintain a personal diary and jot down the present state of mind over there. But all that is to be avoided is to let the emotions lock inside ourselves. This lockdown of feelings should always be eased at every point of life.   

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