What did DUSU bring to table regarding the online exams?

According to a recent press release via Akshit Dahiya’s Instagram account, people came to know about DUSU’s take on the whole situation about the conduction of online exams. There had been a hot discussion among all the authorities about how are they going to conduct these exams in the best possible manner. With the #DUwithsolutions trending online, we think something or the other must have come up for good.

Here are some of the highlights from the DUSU President’s point of view:-

The president told in the letter that he had had conducted a meeting regarding what lies with the best interests of the Delhi University students with all the relating parties with eminent members of DUTA and the SCRAE community being present there too. They all came across a substantial number of suggestions among which the best doable ones had been sent as a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor.

In the letter, the DUSU President asks the Vice Chancellor to keep a comprehensive and constructive approach to avoid any kind of a loss and that any decision made in haste could be detrimental for the student community. Here are the suggestions as quoted from the letter itself:-

  1. For the 1st and 2nd intermediate years, a ‘carry forward’ scheme has been proposed which lets the respective students get promoted to the next year.
  2. The withheld exams could then take place during the mid-sem break, with a minimal syllabus.
  3. DUSU urges the authorities to provide the students with proper study material as many colleges and courses are still unaware of what to do.
  4. DUSU has also come up with the proposition of ‘in-house examinations’, where the exams would be prepped and checked by their own college authorities.


Apart from the stress of online exams a certain number of other issues have also risen up-

  1. Students have been complaining regarding the poor checking of the examination sheets and that the results are not totally authentic and have alot of technical issues.
  2. Some results have still not been out and the discussion of the next exams, just make those students furious.
  3. The students who have been getting fellowship from the university are not being given grants anymore.
  4. Discussions regarding the immediate fee charging and that to give relaxation in such areas have also been brought up.

In such dire times, our student authorities are trying to put in their best foot forward for our interests. All we could hope is, the thing for the best should happen.

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