Unhappy Ending – A Poem


Walking down the street alone

She was rushing to get home

She was to get married that week

And then holiday in Rome!

The sun went down, stars lit up

As she paced across the streets

To her surprise, she felt suspicious

And turned back to a pair of feet.

Her eyes rolled up, she saw a man

Wicked, furious and drunk

He extended his arm, grabbed the girl

The girl’s heart just shrunk.

She cried for help, her shouts and screams

Were not given a care

The man undressed her, brutally RAPED her

Her clothes torn, her body bare.

She moaned and cried, waited for death

To take her pain away

For she was broken inside and out

Brutalised like a tiger’s prey.

She remembered her love, her mom and dad

And then cried just some more

She was leaving them a bit too soon

Her soul then just tore.

Soon then, death arrived

She still lay there in shame

Her family was in shock & tears

The beastly man, they wanted to tame.

After she slept, people woke up

Saying they’d take no more

Every woman would live with pride

To this they had swore.

Months later, the beast was hung

Tortured away to death

He felt as helpless, as the girl he raped

Covered in the shame of his sweat.

The hound finally unburdened the earth

But in hell, he must’ve gone

For such animals deserve no respite

They should be tortured on earth and beyond!


****So after the Nirbhaya Rape Case happened 2 years ago, I wrote this poem and the theme was (guess what?) Rape, Unfortunately the most talked about thing that time. Few things have changed ever since. However my poem is just a figment of my imagination because obviously the ending of my poem and the reality aren’t the same, making it an unhappy ending but how I wish it was a happy one. I wish things ended on a positive note and I wish today I would’ve not been embarrassed to be a girl. I wish the rapists’ fate was as given above. I wish****

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