Types Of Students You Confront In An Examination Hall

Exams are a stressful I know, I really do. You will raise your eyebrows and curl up the corners of your mouth when you confront yourselves with this particular article, because hey, this post – entails the observation of students who have some strange idiosyncrasies while test taking.

Supplement eaters

These are the kind of people who gonna scare the shit out of everybody around them. They distract the whole room with just three magical words. ‘Extra sheet, please” by leaving you wondering, “aisa kya likh raha hai”?

Matarani k bharose

Image result for mera physics bacha lena bhgwaN

these are the kind of students jinko apne bhgwan pr pura bharosa hai that’s is why they did not study the whole semester nor they are concentrating during exams because hey hey they are way to busy in requesting to study gods “ hey bhgwan bs is baar paas krwa dena chahe passing pass dilva dena, 150 rupee ka parshad chdane aayungi nange pair”

The backstabbers

These are the same people who quoted “I have not studied at all, dude I am flunking !” before the exam but ends up acing the test. Ugh. *god is watching you, you horrible person*

The distracted one

These are the people who dedicated first two hours looking around, staring at the wall or out of the window, going to the washroom numerous times, casual gazing and smiling aimlessly at the teacher. For that matter, the last one hour is spent frantically scribbling on the paper and crying.


They are real geniuses in the examination hall because they are the kind of students who set up codes like language, gestures, sounds, movements to share answers with their fellow students. Even though they might be scattered around the exam hall, distance won’t stop them from exchanging answers.

The Daredevils

They are the daredevils who are not at all scared to use chits and mobile phones for cheating purpose in front of a strict invigilator.These are the people who hardly know anything and depend totally on the others for their entire examination. Hell, they’ll even copy your name and roll number and then correct it when they realize.

The selfish

They are writing at the speed of 120 words per minute but when you ask them to confirm an answer, they reply with a standard “yaar! mujhe bhi isi ka nae aarha“.

The pen beggars

These are the kind of people who just don’t wanna buy a pen despite they can easily afford it. This is the category of students who are going to ask you for a pen right before the exam by assuring they will return it, which we all know never happens.

The one who knows it all

Yes! They exist. That’s the type we all wish to be. However, they might scare you to death! Because they literally knows every damn thing. They have studied even the ‘additional questions’ Yes, even those questions about which nobody gives a damn!

Alright so this was our illusion of the types of people you have or will confront in an examination hall .If you want to add more to the list, please comment below!

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