Types of people at Water Park

Well, my waterpark plan finally worked out last month and trust me Holy smokes what a day it was. So I thought of writing an article on it.

Here is the list of people you will definitely meet if you go to waterpark:

The “ Yaar saari rides krenge, koi peeche nhi hatega” waale

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They are the ones who are like super super excited being at waterpark. Trust me these are the kind of people who have taken an oath of riding all rides, no matter how frightened they may get but they will keep their words.

The screamers

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Ahahha,these are my favorite kind of people ,they are the one who scream their lungs out while riding even if the ride is not the scary one, they will feel the drop and start yelling.

The “I need a picture for my Instagram feed”

These are the kind of people who will stress on getting one fabulous picture otherwise yar how to make people realize that we have actually been there.

The “pool mai susu” waale

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Since the washrooms are way to far and nobody is gonna notice 😛

The scared ones

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These are the kind of people who are scared AF, so they are attempting to take rides only and only because otherwise their mates will make fun of them.

Alright so this was my illusion of the types of people at waterpark, but I am sure there are many others. So, leave us a comment and let us know. Tag your mates by sharing in which category do you/you will fall.

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