Twitter deactivates Amul Account, restores later

Twitter temporarily deactivated or restricted the twitter handle of Amul, an Indian dairy company. The action has been taken after the company came up with its latest poster. Additionally, the poster shows the ‘exit of dragon’ from the country. Moreover, this poster was released just days ahead of the much awaited high-level talk between China and India. There has been tension due to Ladakh border dispute between both the countries.

However, the account of Amul was restored later by Twitter.

In this topical, one could see a girl in confrontation with the dragon. Furthermore, it also shows various Chinese apps such as Tik-Tok and others in the background.

Amul has always been popular for its topicals. Additionally, these topicals always relate to the latest topics that make the headlines in the news. This topical is based on the idea of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India), as Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the country asked the country to be self reliant. The Prime Minister has also further asked his citizens to not depend on Chinese products. Since then, there has been a rise in the anti-China sentiments. Twitter further stated that, “This action was taken because of the dairy company’s concern for safety and security.”

The Indian dairy company came forward and issued a statement saying the company had brought down the Amul’s Twitter account during late night hours on 4 June. He further mentioned in this statement that the same happened because of the topical which mentions boycotting of Chinese products. Calling “aatmanirbharbharat” with the copy of “Exit the Dragon”. Further mentioning that the same was done without giving any prior notice or warnings.

Twitter came ahead to reply. It stated that the restriction on the Twitter account of Amul was in no way related to the topical.

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