10 Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2016

2015 had a lot of fashion hits and these hits are surely coming back. Majority of the trends were inspired from runway shows. In case you’re wondering what would happen this year, just keep reading

  1. Off- Shoulders
    Last year it was really difficult to find an off shoulder dress/top. But since they are coming back this year, the market is going to be full of off-shoulder tops and dresses. They have a bohemian vibe in them. This summer I suggest you to go for off-shoulders instead of crop tops.
  2. Trench Coats
    Definitely the best clothing item for winters. Keeps you warm and looks extremely classy. Forever 21 has one of the best trench coat stock. Instead of going for chunky sweaters, go for trench coats or over sized coats.
  3. Bomber and biker jackets
    I mean just have a look at the pictures.
  4. Ripped Jeans
    When girls came across ripped jeans, they started to hate their normal boring jeans. This year too, they are going to rule. In fact, these jeans cost more than normal jeans.So, I suggest you to DIY your old jeans. It’s pretty simple!
  5. Trimmed Beards
    I know many boys love big beards, but 2016 is not about that. Keeping it neat and classy is the key.Celebrities like Adam Levine and Liam Hemsworth often rock this look and it is sure to be a hit coming seasons.
  6. Strappy Heels and Lug Sole
    Strappy heels are surely sexier than normal pumps / heels. Some day if you feel your outfit is not popping,
    Strappy heels.
    They are not going anywhere till a better type of heel comes into fashion.
    Lug soles have this fashion blogger feel in them, making them one of the biggest trends of 2016.Plus they are very comfortable so it’s a win win for everyone.
  7. Denim on Denim
    If you were doing the denim on denim trend in 2015, then my friend you were doing it right.
  8. Baggy Trousers
    They are replacing straight-legged or skinny cuts this winter because they create a whole new silhouette.
  9. Must Have Accessories
    Hoop earrings (you can wear them with literally anything!), reflector aviators /sunglasses and totes are coming back in 2016 with a bang!
  10. Dip DYE, Bronze and Rainbow Hair
    Girls, it’s time to say goodbye to your blonde streaks because 2016 is not at all about that. Dip-dye, ronze (perfect colour for brunettes) and rainbow hair are the most preferred hair colours by Hollywood celebrities. Go fun or go home.

2016 will be all about looking different and stylish. So, which of the above trend will you guys rock?




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