How to Reinvent Yourself?

“It’s never too late to begin. Take a tiny step in the right direction. ”-Unknown Most of the time we find ourselves in tough situations. We try our best to achieve what we want or simply move forward in our lives.

  1. Forget the Past

The first and foremost task is to leave the past behind. It could be an awful encounter with someone like an argument or a troublesome situation. One needs to understand that the past is gone. We have no control over it. Hence, there is no point n stressing over it. Why to waste time in pondering over things we have no control of? Just let it be there.

  1. Focus on the Present

All we have is this very second. We have the present. It is a gift in our hands. We can manifest that into a brighter future. All it requires is a small step.

This small step is to walk ahead.  Just breathe and feel your heartbeat. Begin step by step. Take one step at a time.

  1. Identify the Change

The next step is to identify the change that you need to bring in your life. It varies from person to person.  It could be increase in concentration, lose weight, learn a new language, study more etc.

“The first step to solve a problem is to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem.”-Unknown

  1. Note down the Steps

Once you know the change that you need to bring in your life, you need to act upon it. You ought to transform your thoughts into actions. Jot down the steps that need to be taken to achieve the desired goal. You can find plenty of stuffs on the internet, books, journals, videos etc.

Start with the first step. Put all your energy in achieving the first step. Just focus on the first step and leave the rest. Then move on to the next step. Go step by step.

  1. Keep yourself motivated

The most crucial element of the entire journey of reinvention is motivation. We tend to lose motivation from time to time. We feel like giving up. We get back to where we were and everything goes in vain. At this point of time, one needs to stay motivated. Motivation is like the fuel to the engine.

“Remember that every time you fall, you will have to get up. You have to walk again.”-Unknown.

Utkarsha Kashyap | Content Writer | DU Times
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