Think about mother earth on this mother’s day!

mother earth

What do you want? did you ever ask your mother earth? There is already endless stridency about how 7 billion people are suffering. Unity is remarkable. Because all of a sudden we are all “COVID stricken.” But did we 7 billion ever harmonized to talk about our earth when it was “human stricken”? No right. Instead, there has been mockery on the ones who’ve been advocating it and a lot of negligence towards bettering the climatic situation. All the blames being shifted to only the big companies and what not? But does the present scenario in any way tells us that the climate could be fixed? Yes, if we collectively want to fix and do h Despite, some really heart-wrenching stories in these tough times we have reliving news of the mother earth’s healing. Maybe the pleasing environment and beautiful bird watch is temporary, still, do we have a way to make it permanent?

mother earth

The world is seeing a positive dramatic shift in the climate. The reason being billions of people cooped up in their homes. This no doubt can become a history for a time when would have won against the climate change. The AQI drops to 71 compared to the poor quality in the month of November. Lost species running back to their habitat, cleaner rivers, delightful bird chirping and hundred more things. They are all waiting for to us destroy them post lockdown. But can we help in the smallest way possible to birth a great change?

mother earth

Here is what you can do post lockdown to let earth heal herself.

It is so beautiful that we are breathing in the earth’s relieved sigh. No doubt this will merely be a utopia after we step back again. But to continue this there are measures that can we can do. To begin we can stick to a more sustainable lifestyle. By easily following these steps

  • Let’s reduce our waste.

When going to your college carry with yourself a tiny cutlery kit, it can have a spoon, fork, and straw (the steel one of course). Doing this will make sure you are using hygienic cutlery. I hope you all must be knowing that your usual plastic and wooden cutlery aren’t that or not at all safe. So be smart to save yourself and your surroundings.

  • Carry your own water bottle and avoid packed juices.

Stop your regular episodes of purchasing water and juices this summer. You can carry your own juice that is preservative-free for dealing with the hot summers ahead. Doing this will help you know what goes into your body, and you will not have to worry about harming your body and earth in one go.

  • Sustainable packaging

Choose brands that offer sustainable options for packaging. Many of the big brand’s while packing use tons of plastic wrappings. Even for the tiniest of product, you can reduce this by bulk ordering. However, you can also shift to sustainable brands who use easy fabrics which are trendy too.

  • Avoid eating packed food and have a more plant-based diet.

Not only the wrappers are the problem but also the ingredients. Even scientists have claimed that the earth can show a positive result if we choose a plant-based diet. To begin with, don’t cut off meat but reduce the intake. Even one tiny step goes a long way.

  • Walk as much as you can.

Reduce your carbon footprints by choosing walking an alternate to vehicles. Walking or riding a bicycle turns out to ease out your brain and muscle soreness. And short distances can easily be covered.

  • Make your own mask.

A mask will be a necessity post lockdown, it will be very useful if we make our own reusable mask. This will reduce the usage of the one-time wear mask. And making a mask is a fun process, you can stock up the pretty mask and also sew matching mask to your outfits. If you can’t make one, purchase the ones that are sustainable and are durable.

Concluding note

Likely thinking about these steps will make your mother’s day more meaningful and will make your mum proud too. Convey our best regards to your mother on this mother’s day. Try and spread these words amongst people who you think will understand. Some things are seemingly mundane. However, these very same things turn out to be more intricate in nature if spent some thoughts on. Try become a better person and it is all that one needs to be at the end the life.

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