What After “Lockdown”?

It is very important for us to take precautions because these days the only things We can do to Save The World is Save Ourselves and vice versa.

What After Lockdown

We are almost in the third phase of Lockdown in the country imposed by Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to coronavirus. The number of people are increasing day by day. The virus around us is no good and it has actually caused a situation of pandemic around the world. But, we still need to fight it. There’s no escape from it no matter what. But there is also one more thing that is important for everyone to know is that this Lockdown does not end this at all, it just made the process of spreading the virus a lot slower than it would have been without maintaining it. But For how long can we keep slowing down the process? There has to be a time when all of us will be out and yet the virus wouldn’t be gone. What we can do now is to protect ourselves as much as we can. Doctors say there are 4 main steps or things that everybody should follow no matter what. They are :   

  1. Social Distancing : You really need to maintain your distance with people when you are out so that you don’t get infected or even they don’t get infected. The more people together,the more people will get infected, the more are “your” chances to get infected.
  2. Wear your masks : Wherever you go, wear something like a mask (cloth,scarf,etc ) or an actual mask ( anything that is three layered at least ) to cover up your nose and mouth.  Those are the main areas from where the virus gets inside your body and you won’t even know.They should be properly covered.
  3. Not touching your face : Sometimes even at home when you’re not wearing a mask it is better to take precautions beforehand. You don’t know when that virus might get upon you and you accidentally touch your face. So, whether you are out or in the house avoid touching your face with your hands without sanitizing them properly.
  4. Wash your hands : So far the only thing that can protect us or kill the virus is a soap or a sanitizer, so it is very important to keep washing our hands. Each time you go out may be for work or, buying some groceries , etc immediately wash your hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds as soon as you reach home. Carry a hand sanitizer along with you when you are out so that you can use it whenever washing your hands is not possible.

It is very important for us to take precautions because these days the only things We can do to Save The World is Save Ourselves and vice versa.

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