The Revival of Buddhism In India in the Light of Delhi University

The center will offer a range of Buddhist studies programs, including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and research courses. The purpose of establishing this department is to revive the Buddhist studies in India.

Delhi University (DU) has proposed the establishment of a Center for Advanced Studies in Buddhism, highlighting a renewed emphasis on the profound cultural and philosophical legacy of the ancient Indian tradition. This initiative coincides with a rising worldwide fascination with Buddhist teachings and practices.

Ministry of Minority Affairs

University of Delhi has gotten approval from The Ministry of Minority Affairs to establish the Centre for Advanced Studies in Buddhism. The Buddhist study centre will be constructed at the university campus at an estimated cost of Rs 35 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK) and the Buddhist Development Plan (BDP).

Alongside the Ministry of Minority Affairs has given its approval for the establishment of a Gurmukhi scripts center at Khalsa College, Delhi University. Under this initiative, Delhi University will work together with experts in the field to create curriculum guidelines and course materials for various programs in Gurmukhi studies, such as certificate courses, diploma courses, and PhD programs.

The decision is prompted by the growing call to rejuvenate Buddhist Studies language, not just as an academic pursuit but also to safeguard the cultural legacy of minority groups. It acknowledges the importance of fostering education and research within the realm Of Buddhist Studies.

Collaboration of DU with Minority Minister

This great initiative by Delhi University (DU) will also include various courses in Buddhist studies like undergraduation, postgraduation, Ph.D., and research programs. It will also try to strengthen the required infrastructure. The University will collaborate with the Ministry to enhance educational opportunities for minority communities in the country. This movement not only enhance the Delhi University’s educational environment but also an effort to showcase the integrity of the country.

The University will organize training programs and workshops for faculty members involved in teaching Buddhist Studies courses to enhance their pedagogical skills and subject knowledge. The University will collaborate with subject matter expertise on research projects related to Buddhist Studies, encouraging faculty members and students to undertake interdisciplinary research that contributes to the understanding and preservation of Buddhist culture and language.

Delhi University’s Understanding of Cultural Harmony

The initiative has garnered widespread support from faculty members, students, and members of the academic community, who view it as a significant step towards preserving and promoting India’s rich intellectual and cultural heritage.

As the proposal moves forward, Delhi University remains committed to fostering a vibrant intellectual environment that celebrates diversity, promotes dialogue, and advanced knowledge in the pursuit of truth and understanding.

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