The Real Issues of the Indigenous Labourers

Once in a speech William Henry Harrison had quoted that “rich becomes richer and the poor gets poorer”. I believe this statement is an epitome of reality today.

Due to the pandemic, the challenges for the poverty-stricken folks have raised to an unusual level and not affecting much to the bourgeoisie class in terms of social and economic factors. The working class of our society is under tremendous pressure be it a social pressure or an economic crisis. Their substandard living is one basic reason for their migration. The nation wide lockdown has made them helpless, compelling them to migrate to their hometowns.

Indigenous Labourers

The Madras High Court has also questioned the Tamil Nadu government as well as the Central government about the safety and security of the migrants. Whereas on the other side, these workers are showing their rage by coming out on the streets, pelting stones and demanding for their safety.

Various steps are taken by the government authorities to help the innocents like the 20 lakh crore package, various food packages, Pravasi Rahat Mitra App to trace the movement of the migrants in UP. People from outside the territory as well as within are brought back through various missions like that of mission “Samudra Setu” and the mission “Vande Bharat”. But still the feeling of dismay and sorrow couldn’t abandon the faces of the migrant labourers.
Now, let’s pay attention towards the factors acting as barriers between government and the migrants.

1) Demographic factors : As compared to other countries India is potentially rich in terms of it’s population having 130 crores individuals. Reaching to the masses could be viewed as a great problem.

2) Political scenario : Being in a democracy it is a legal right of any individual or political party to criticize the government in working to enhance their efforts but looking at the contemporary hardships that are confronted by the migrants, the right to humanity should be prioritise. Rather than being involved in the blame game, one must consider this disheartening phase as a human tragedy and should keep their political structures aside. More importance is needed to be laid on the well-being of these workers.

3) Lack of awareness : Lack of education is a major problem with our people. This in turn leads to lack of awareness about the happenings of the society. This prevents the weaker sections to gain the benefits provided by the governments.

This phase requires the humanitarian aid rather then waiting for the measures being adopted by the government. It is more about survival rather than intensifying economy and political stabilization.

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