The Lost Symbol of Love

My sweeting lord, Othello

My altruistic suitor,

I indite the sublime tale of our love.

I perceive in you, the pulchritude of transcendence,

You made me experience the paradise of existence.

I love thee,

For the affection you bestowed,

For your immeasurable virtues,

And gallant Virtù.


I was a damsel shielded from jeopardy,

Now I am your helpmate, my life a mellifluous melody.

My world emanates from the valour of your reality,

The way you trudged on the path of travails, with audacity,

Through which I vicariously escaped from the confines of domesticity.


I immersed myself in the idolization of your love,

Pirouetting around the “O” of Othello with circularity,

But the purloined handkerchief became a sign of fallacy,

And metamorphosized me into a “Fair Devil”,

Craving for appetites of corporeality.


The souvenir of your love,

Tailored with the ambrosial strawberries,

Which blossoms the garth of my soul,

And takes on me, a dominant toll!

When I keep it close to my bosom,

Its fine fabric tickles me as you do,

Unlocking my golden tresses,

Abandoning the feeling of blue!


This beauteous handkerchief,

Embedded with the sentiment of your mother,

Given to her by the Egyptian charmer,

Is an embodiment of your romance, my lover!

A surrogate of my Cavalier,

Sufficient to make me re-discover.


Your token of endearment is a sign of my fidelity,

Echoing to the world, our strong-willed love,

With conviction and clarity,

Making our union a fortunate stroke of serendipity.


Our espousal is named as clandestine,

Even my sire discredited it as an “unholy coupling”,

My choice to be a part of you,

Was an unending span of struggling.

Aye, Forsooth! I am tagged “transgressive”,

As my love for you is unlatched and expressive!

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