A Bucket List for Second Year DUites

You spend a year after entering DU trying to make a transition and fitting into your new college whether you like it or not. By the end of this year you are often left with a list of things you wish you should or shouldn’t have done. While regretting over them later doesn’t benefit you in any way, there is a certain bucket list that can help you leverage your time in the second year of college.

  1. Join an Activity

When you enter Delhi University as a fresher, you are thrown into a new life with a choice for enticing activities and opportunities. But for a lot of students the first year is usually spent in adjusting with their new schedule which leaves little scope for extracurricular participation, which sometimes also stems from their lack of knowledge about the societies in their respective colleges. If you are one of those students who could not get into their desired societies, then it’s not too late. Second year is the last time when you get a chance to audition and be a part of your favorite society.

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  1. Start the Internship Hunt

The first year of your course helps you understand and get comfortable with the subject. By the end of it, most of the students know whether the subject they have chosen is their calling or not which is why second year is the perfect time for starting with an internship. After receiving theoretical knowledge for a year you must apply it practically as well. Though if you feel that you are one of the unfortunates who realized later that they made a mistake by choosing a particular subject, don’t be worried. First you need to figure out what you truly like and then find internships that will not just boost your resume but also give you experience in your preferred field of study.


  1. Network

You are at an intermediate position during your second year which is the only time in college when you have junior as well as senior students around you. Sharing your experiences will help your juniors in case of any dilemma or problems just as you would have wanted someone to do it for you while you were feeling a bit lost during your first year.

On the other hand, establishing communication with your seniors and knowing about their experiences will immensely help you in sailing through college. And yes, do not link with people just for the sake of networking, but because these links might cultivate into cherished lifelong bonds.

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