What is an Emotional Block?

We come across certain situations that involve more than all our emotions (or so we feel).  Humans have a tendency to over think things. And that’s what leads us to setting unexplained expectations from others and our own selves. Expectations when not met often lead to disappointments, heart breaks and subsequently, anger. We happen to invest so much of ourselves in these specific situations that it often creates an emotional block.


The most common reason in human life to be sad is because of being disappointed. We tend to expect few things from few people who we are pretty close to. It could be a cup of coffee they get for us, or that they’d like to go for a movie with us, over someone else. When things don’t happen our way, we obviously don’t like it. And so is the case when things don’t happen as per our expectations. We keep over thinking about why situation ‘X’ didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, or why person ‘A’ not do something that we’d like them to do for us. This over thinking has the power to create an emotional block in our mind.


Emotional block, to put in simple words, is this unpleasant feeling we get because of feeling a lot of things at the same time. ‘Feeling a lot of things’ would mean feelings of sadness and anxiousness. This emotional block has a tendency to quite literally act like a block in our normal course of daily life. We make a mountain out of a mole. We let our emotions overpower our intelligence and that’s where the problem starts. We find ourselves delaying work that needs to be done immediately, we find ourselves wasting too much time thinking about things which aren’t that very important. All in all, we become really upset with how things are around us. This is a negative role that our emotions can play in our life.

Emotions can be our teachers!

On the other hand, we can let some situation, some circumstance be our teacher. In simple words, we can let our emotions be a lesson for us.

For example, if you know that expecting something out of a situation might lead to a disappointment, we could make things simpler for us by being rational and not expecting. First things first, we must learn to accept our feelings. We cannot question ourselves for feeling something the way we do. If you are sad, you must accept you are sad and work productively towards it, so as to overcome it. This helps you grow better and be well informed about your feelings. When we let our emotions be our lessons we basically don’t put the power of making us feel a certain way, in someone else’s hands.  We know what we want for ourselves, pretty well. So, ultimately we don’t fall for trap situations that would make us feel helpless.

I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t have feelings or emotions and be absolutely cold. What I mean to put forward to you is that you shouldn’t let your emotions be your weakness, rather let them be strong enough to be your forte.


Tanya Goel | Content Writer | DU Times


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