Survival Guide for First Years in DU

After having passed a year in DU ourselves as fuchchas, it’s a relief for us now to finally become seniors to a whole new batch of first years’ in Colleges. As we all are set to give our even semester exams and promote to next year, a batch of hopeful students awaiting their board results are also looking forward to DU as their future destination. Now, it’s our responsibility to hand over the baton along with our experiences and some advices to make the hard college life a bit easier.

1) Don’t take studies lightly: It’s a pre-conceived notion among many school passed out students that college is a place for fun and no studies unlike school with strict routines and curriculums. This notion is purely wrong! College is about higher studies. The level of studies goes higher in spite of diminishing. And not only this, you don’t get spoon-feeding in colleges like that was done in school. And when you think that everyone is chilling out, they are actually studying but without showing anyone. And if you don’t take studies seriously, you are going to ruin your grades at the end of the semester.

2) Follow your Interests: College is the one & only place where you can pursue your passion and interests. That is because you get a number of opportunities here to find out what you are good at. Be it societies, competitions or anything. You can indulge in Theatre, Debating, Painting, Music, Photography and many more. So, this is the best place to experiment and take your call. Just don’t be afraid, of course every activity demands time and commitment, but first year is a bit relaxed one, and this is the time only.

3) Managing Skills: Now, many additional burdens are also added upon your shoulders. You manage everything yourself, from your time, travelling, ECAs etc. all along with your regular studies. And this is how you grow up in college. Sometimes it tires you out, but it’s worth it. Once you get used to it, it’s not that tough.

4) Friends are Saviors: It’s not that college life is nothing without friends, but friends do make it easier by Helping, sharing & caring and laughing together. They will help putting your proxy in class, you won’t be alone in bunking classes or scoring less in assignments, you can roam places together, share food and stories and sometimes workload too. But this does not mean that you need to rush or be anxious about making friends. Right people at right time & place will do. You also get to learn from as many people you meet. And college is the place where you meet so many people.

5) Don’t be Scared or Nervous: It’s very natural for all of us to get nervous for once while stepping in such a new life and world. But it’s not you alone; it’s everyone who feels the same for once. But what you need to do is, be confident. Whether it’s about trying any new activity, or going on to join ECAs or participating in competitions or meeting new people, never feel inferior or underestimate yourself. If you think about it & strive for it, just go for it.

6) Keep your boats balanced: Or, don’t keep your feet on too many boats as they say. If you have finally got your call & thought about one or two particular interests/societies that you want to go for, just concentrate on them in spite of going on and joining each and every activity that you are aware of. You are going to land nowhere since time is limited and you can’t succeed if you are not devoting yourself to a particular goal. And this may rather also keep you confused. So it’s important to take your call on something and pursue that in spite of holding on to many boats.

7) Reap every Fruit: If you are in DU, this is something you have achieved via your boards hard work so now is the time to reap the benefits. And there is so much to look forward to here. From brilliant teachers to well-stocked library. Don’t forget to reap all these benefits in your way. Learn as much as you can. These are the facilities that many have strived for, but only a few have got, and you are one of them. So, don’t waste it by being lazy, college is not a place to be lazy! Get the most of all the benefits, opportunities and facilities you’re getting.

By Priyanka Dudeja,
Writer – DU Times

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