Fashion Trends for This Summer….!

In our society there is a lot of respect given to fashion and fashionable people, who follow the newest fashion trends. Whether you’re working in a corporate setting or you go for parties, or if you’re a college student you are likely to get influenced by the latest fashion trends which are doing the rounds each season.
The six fashion trends for women this summer:

1. Victorian Style Dressing!
The summer of 2016 has brought back the Victorian style dressing; with big and small ruffles, puffy sleeves, high-collar necklines, and flower prints, this is a fantastic trend for layering. Pastel dresses with these features are also a big yes right now. An open-necked shirt paired with a light, minimalistic choker, though very different from the original gothic Victorian look, would pull your outfit together.
1970’s suede is in right now too. Over-the-knee boots paired with a mini skirt for a night out on the town, or even just a day in the city, will have you looking on point. But suede dresses and jackets are also seeing a rise in attention as more people are drawn to this particular look. While most designers have stuck to the original tan look, a few have ventured into more colorful territory, and either option will look good.

2. Wide- Legged Pants: Leave jeans behind!
Harking back to a more recent period, denim is making a big reappearance. However, tight jeans are being swept under the rug for a more open, wide-legged pant. And if you want to go the way of denim jackets, a light print is in while plain is not. Denim dresses, cinched at the waist to help with definition, are also in this summer.

3. Stripes: Thick or thin, they’re in!
Bright and bold stripes, in everything from t-shirts to dresses to skirts, will bring attention to your outfit. You can balance it with a more neutral color, or go all-out and include it in your entire outfit, and they don’t all have to be completely linear – zig-zaggy stripes will add an extra element of fun to your ensemble if you’re up for it.
But the Oxford stripe isn’t to be outdone by the bigger stripes out this season. Making its way from the standard button up, it’s sprucing up dresses and skirts, and is a subtle but classy look.

4. All the Shades Of Orange: Refreshing!
If you’re interested in knowing what color to look out for this summer it’s Orange. Pajama button ups, skirts, trousers, handbags, and button-up shirts are all incorporating this color. Capable of adding a bit of Pop! To any outfit, you can get a number of hues added in if you stick to it for your entire outfit. Outrageous as the color may be, it is also capable of being entirely work appropriate, if done correctly.

5. Off- shoulder Clothing is in:
This season is all about leaving your old self behind and becoming confident to show off those responsible and strong shoulders. Off shoulder clothing is very comfortable and can look classy with an accessorized neck and bold lips to complete the look.


6. Chokers are very much in:
They go with everything! All your crop tops, tank tops and off shoulder clothing can be paired with a simple, funky looking choker on your neck to give you a unique look. It will definitely make heads turn.
While this season’s trends are quite intense on their own, most of these trends can be mixed together. Finding balance between two or three, or attempting something spectacular, will be easy this spring.

By Antra Sinha,
Writer – DU Times


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