Study Period of PhD to Cost Experience

The UGC from among it’s unreckonable stern steps taken recently, added one more to the list. This one was something that has shaken the vigour of many. It states that the experience of teachers will not be counted if they pursue M.Phill or PhD simultaneously taking several leaves.This is being taken as a “denial of study period leave” by the teachers.
Until now the case was contrary to what this states. “This is extremely discouraging for the teachers who want to pursue research. Who would like to take study leaves for pursuing PhD? It takes 3 years to complete it. How is it even possible to do them simultaneously? The govt is indirectly denying the study leave!”-  said Rajesh Jha, a professor at Rajdhani college and a member of DUs executive council.
And as per the norms, to be promoted as an associate professor, it requires 8-10 years experience.
The DUTA said it will take up the matter in its upcoming executive meeting. “We will take this matter to the higher authority and will overturn it”- said DUTA president Rajib Ray. 

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