PhD Thesis Submission Barred!

DU owing to its value for degrees has been a home to lacks of students for over a decade now. And among those lacks, there were 7 students who enrolled for PhD degree in 2011.
The seven students are said to be from the University’s Hindi department and have been running from dusk to dawn for their submission.
The entire case is that the students had enrolled for the course in 2011. Following it from then onwards, the students applied for an extension to submit their thesis in 2016. On May 30th,they were given a green flag for the same by the Board of Research Studies with effect from 4 April 2016.
Then a letter was issue to them on December 22’2016 by the Hindi department granting permission which said- “As per the request by the student and as per the UGC regulations,the student is being given two year’s time to submit the thesis.” This was because there is a clause that states that women and students with disability will be granted two years relaxation for completion of PhD.
But the 2016 regulation got its adoption by DU only in 2017, which cannot be applied retrospectively as was done in the students case.
The students gave their verdict saying- “When we got the letter of extension,we went to check at the department and they confirmed it. My guide also extended the pre submission time. I submitted the thesis in 6 and a half years, but the department keeps dismissing our complaints. Its been 10 months and our thesis is lying with the department.”
Even after having such concrete allowance, when still they are not allowed to have their thesis thing done,then one wonders, how to help out the situation and where does the accountability and justice lie!
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Isha Surabhi
A slam poetess, writer and an avid reader. Presently serving as the President of Literary Society of RLA college and the Student Representative of Career Placement Cell, RLA, Delhi University.


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