Stop Pseudo Feminism!

Feminism is not in comparison, there is this misconception that people always get carried away to, comparing what men can do or are doing is not what feminism is, it is about women’s political, social, economical rights, their status in a society which is free from any discrimination on the basis of gender.So yes, there are many instances that you can see on faking feminism,when a woman do not stand for another and is vocal about women empowerment.

When jealousy takes over in the place of compassion and yet talks about feminism.Women talks about their struggle on menstruating, pregnancy and marriage while they compare this with men that they have a easy way. They fight their say on such terms which is irrelevant and irrational, these are the things how we exist and not an issue. Instead, if you want to fight, fight for your rights as equal human beings and not comparing or proving superiority over another.

We are living in 2021 and 21st century and the world is progressing rapidly. Human beings are going places with innovation, technology, and science and their own knowledge. The very idea of humanity is witnessing a huge shift and this time is about equality, gender rights, responsibility and justice for all. The age-old debate between sexes is still going on and we are still fighting over superiority between men and women and recently the atmosphere has been vitiated by certain events, atmospheres and incidents.

The recent debate and topic about feminism intrigues me. By all accounts, any common and civil man knows the definition of feminism and he respects and supports it wholeheartedly. This generation is aware of all the ongoing issues and is quite adamant that women are as good if not better than men and we are seeing the change happening right in front of us.

Feminism is a concept that is accepted by all rational and well educated men all around the world but when women in the garb of feminism attack men and indulge in character assassination than it is not a level playing field. In Indian culture, many goddesses have been women infact believed as more powerful than the Man God and we pray and look up to them in times of difficulty. I believe in equality, gender justice and am a proud feminist but those who propagate pseudo feminism are doing more harm than good and please, not all men are terrible. There are people who will always rise and stand up for championing the rights of women and women have to accept that to make a change in society. First, they have to realize that men are not evil and the universe also has a tiny amount of good people. Feminism is a birthright and nobody can take it away from women. If we want to live in a peaceful society, then women will have to be given their due. And, when we say this, we don’t become a feminist but a human being.

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