Stand with Kerala!

The state of Kerala in India is currently witnessing huge floods, the most devastating in a century! The floods and landslides in Kerala have put lakhs of lives at stake, destruction due to heavy rainfalls have been caused displacing people at large and affecting the residents adversely.

The Chief Minister has appealed for funds for the CM Distress Relief Fund(CMDRF). ‘Maithry’, the Malayali community in Delhi University, has taken the initiative to contribute a small amount to this fund.

Many people have lost their lives, homes, properties and livelihood. Even from thousands of miles away, Maithry has taken an initiative to do as much as possible from our side to help them.

Each one of you can be a part of this fund raising and thereby spreading the gravity of the crisis at hand. Come together to help those in distress by being a part of ‘Maithry CMDRF Fund Collection.’

On the other hand, the National Student’s Union of India, NSUI inorder to express solidarity with the flood victims of Kerala invites students to form a ‘human chain’ as a mark of ‘standing with Kerala’ on 18th August 2018 at Arts Faculty.

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Sarah Iqbal
A student activist, enthusiast blogger, an imminent philosopher and a final year student of Lakshmibai College, Delhi University.


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