Are you a beautiful person?

How beautiful you are?

No person here will deny admitting that somewhere one wants to look beautiful. The rationalization here that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder only works till the time you have a good beholder of eyes. Otherwise while forming the impression it is first your physical beauty and looks which are suspectable of judgement. No one here is the perfect person until we make one using artificial Intelligence. So how come you get to know that you are a beautiful person by looks? How viable are your strategies when you want to look good? If your body type is not by beauty norms, is there any problem with it? How much role does prejudice play? This blog shall deal with all such aspects of beauty. 

Standards of beauty 

Surprisingly there are no fixed standards of beauty. This tends to change with time and in a cultural context. In the U.S.A. a century ago men with muscles and women with moderate fat were the beauty standards. This is because men tend to get attracted to reproductively healthy women. Similarly, women since were vulnerable to various kinds of threats got attracted to the men who could protect them. This all has a genetic basis of attraction that influences the behaviour. (passer and Smith) 

However, gradually they tend to change with time when slim figures in women and gentlemen with coats tend to be in the limelight of attraction. Hollywood movies for larger attention tend to seek persons with such figures. Thus this makes the point clear here that Physical beauty standards are something which have an ample amount of dynamicity. 

In India Undoubtedly some cultural contexts have a significant role to play in determining beauty standards. We are here with no single culture but we are a bonquet of cultures. This makes the physical beauty too in different standards depending upon the cultural context. On the one hand in metropolitan cities, it is apparent that people of ‘modern’ fashion are in the limelight. On the other hand persons in Himalayan culture will have some different definitions of beauty. 

However apart from fashion standards, there is a universal rule that plays a significant role in determining the attraction through beauty. Have you ever noticed that sometimes two pimples on both cheeks on the same side seem cute? It is a scientifically proven fact that more the symmetry is there in your face, the more your face will look attractive. It has nothing to do with your racial colour. Your face will look beautiful if the right side of your face looks the same as the right side. The human mind is fond of symmetry and it is the symmetry of your face that must be counted as a universal standard of beauty. 

Are your strategies viable? 

What are the strategies that you pursue to look beautiful? You suddenly get inspired by models of Bollywood and then purchase 1kg of makeup. Then You tend to use a variety of makeup products for your face. Men will tend to shave completely. Then you use a lot of perfume, have suitable clothes and make the perception that you are Mr. Or Miss World. The thing is none of these strategies are viable to make you beautiful. 

Believe me, this can work only for special occasions. If you want to look good please don’t alter the natural beauty that you have. This is also a fact that everyone is beautiful in their way. The more natural you are, the more the aura that you will hold. This will make you more grounded and this is also a fact that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I was just joking at the beginning. It is your character, words and behaviour that make you beautiful. Any act that continuously tries to alter this beautiful creation of nature will prove futile.  

I assure you that you look good. The social impression is something that is elevated from within. How you look is just the part of it. If you tend to alter the natural beauty you have, it will have very temporary impacts. Even excessive make-up is sometimes not good for the skin too 

Role of prejudice 

Beauty standards are however victim to get shaped by the prejudices that exist in society. This can range from gender and racial prejudices to your fashion. Thus following such standards just for the sake of impression formation is unethical behaviour. Indian society does hold a racial prejudice with white skin in the northern regions especially. Similarly, females are expected to have feminine and submissive characters. This tends to create a lot of threats, especially for teenagers to meet such unethical standards. Our society is in a place where it can troll any successful person or child too if he/she doesn’t meet the beauty standards. This is especially true for females as they are more vulnerable to criticism when they fail to meet such standards.  

If you too are trying to meet such standards just for the sake of meeting some baseless standards please stop there only. No matter how beautiful you are, someone somewhere for some reason will tend to criticize you in turn affects your mental health 

Thus in a nutshell we shall conclude that beauty standards are something which are suspectable to change with time and region. Prejudices and society’s expectations, however, play a vital role in shaping these standards. However, the beauty and aura have a source within. As a writer, I see a person beautiful if he/she is struggling hard to form his/her career. Similarly, everyone has different meanings for beauty. Thus if you want to meet some standards, Please for your own. A person who can be oneself is beautiful.


Passer and smith

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