Some Interesting Facts About Delhi University

With students from all around the country and outside, Delhi University is the hub of amalgamation of cultures in the capital. Award-winning professors, countless societies, extraordinary academic and diversity of campuses as well as students makes this university one of its kind.

We, DU-ites think we know all about the coolness of this place, however, there’s a lot more beyond the vision of our eyes. Here are some facts about DU that will leave you awestruck and open your eyes wider than ever.

  1. In 1922, when the university was established, there were only three colleges viz; St. Stephens, Hindu and Ramjas with two faculties of arts and science and just 750 students.
  2. Presently, there are 16 faculties, 77 colleges, 86 departments, 132435 regular students and 261169 informal program students.
  3. Not many know that Delhi University actually has a foundation day i.e. 1st May. Even more interesting is that in lieu of this occasion there is a flag hoisting ceremony ever since 1922.
  4. The northern ridge situated in the midst of the north campus is way more than a love spot and an evening hangout place. It actually has a legit historic reference dating back to the 1857 war of independence. It has a lake known as “khooni jheel” and it was named so because the lakes’ water had remained blood red after an exchange of firing between the British army and the revolters.
  5. There is a super old cigarette vendor inside the campus of Kirori Mal College who not only sells his stock but also shares his amazing stories of the time when Amitabh Bachchan used be one of his customers. He laughingly informs students that Mr. Bachhan owes him a very petty amount of money back from those days.
  6. Indraprastha College for women is well known for its heritage building. And beautiful lawns. But surprisingly there is something which is way more historic than the building and is little known. It is the oldest girl’s college in Delhi University and women of the college during the time of partition actually helped people take refuge, eat, drink and cross safely in those times of distress.
  7. Did you know the history of Delhi University vice-chancellor’s office in Vice-Regal Lodge or the fact that freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was held captive for a day in that building?
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