What Makes DU The Most Desirable University?

University of Delhi has become a brand,where every student (be it from Delhi or any other state/country) wants to take admission in, to pursue their academic career. Its a dream which each one of us wants to live, but do we know why it is so?
Well if no, let me help you people out to throw some light over the question why DU? And the reasons entailing why students are crazy to get admission into DU for undergraduate education? And of course the very essence i.e. the benefits one reap through being a DUite.
Probably, its the most prominent reason and important advantage, DU colleges charges very levelled and reasonable fees which makes it an affordable option even for those who doesnot have strong financial background. Though the fees varies from courses to courses yet they turned out to be cheaper from any other institution or university.
University of Delhi provides the opportunities to its students during the period of summer and winter vacations so as to broaden their practical along with theoretical knowledge.one of the most important advantage that internships provides is the industrial experience which also helps in building CV.
DU provides indeed very lucrative placements through the established placement cells of different colleges.Each of these placement cells are assigned with the work of tapping up the companies and facilitates two way communication between the company and college students.
 we are all aware that college life is not just about academics but also about the campus life. The college campuses of DU are quite huge which provides immense space to students to chill out during their leisure time.
Each college of DU,precisely each department has its own societies which allows the students to showcase their talents and skills.Also,DU keeps on organising seminars and events which keeps students busy and allow them to impart qualities and to gain more insight into area of their interest.
Apparently, when DU offers such best combination of academic, extracurricular events and activities, cultural and departmental fests,internships and placement opportunities, theoretical knowledge and practical field experience at affordable fees and that too under the guidance of experienced faculty why wont students wants to be graduated from a brand named DU.
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