Another Session at Delhi University Kick Started Today

The Vishwavidyalyay metro station was once again jam packed, you could once again see traffic jams on the roads of North and South Campus, the rickshavalas were were working with great enthusiasm, each and every big and small vendor in the area was working very actively. Yes, it’s because yet another amazing session of Delhi University kick started today. There were new faces seen at every college, eyes filled with a kind of fear, mixed feelings in the heart and thinking how is going to be the first day of the new phase of their life. But their fear started to take a U Turn while their enthusiasm started to come forward as soon as they entered their respective colleges and were greeted in an amazing manner by their seniors. They were greeted by putting vermillion on their forehead, which was a great initiative by student politicians of the colleges.

The DU Times team went to few of the colleges and tried to interact with the new comers or as we say in the DU language ‘Freshers’. All the freshers were very much excited as a very new phase of their life which we call “College Life” has started . On being asked, “ What was the first thing that they went to see or searched for in or around their campus”, very funny and amazing answers were given by the freshers. Every personality had its own type of answers, some studious and geeky ones said that we went to see the classes, as that is the place where they will be spending most of the time. The not so studious ones and the most high rated answer was “CANTEEN” and that’s right, canteen is the place that should be inspected by a student at first place. The freshers were also asked about the crowd, and the places they look forward to in Delhi. Most of the people were very much excited to see their fellow batch mates as the crowd of Du is always the best, while Hauz Khas Village, CP, GK, Kamla Nagar, Satya Niketan were the few places that most of the students wanted to explore with their new friends very soon.

So, another lovely session at DU kick Started really well, and the freshers are very happy to experience new things. This year the freshers don’t tend to be too much studious but they want enjoy and explore as well with their studies.


Gineet Makhija
Writer – DU Times

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