Why School and School Friends Are The Best

School Friends Are The Best

1. They are your partner in crime- From your first bunk to your first fight, you are a team. They get the bandwidth of your evilness.

2. First Crush, huh! They know it all!!? Yes the first crush is mostly from our own school, maybe our senior or classmate from another section ( if you were in co-ed school). Our school friends know how we stare at our crush and the way they tease you with your crush’s name is terrible but yeah bachpan ki har chiz was cool ..wasn’t it?

3. Crazy Games- Be it truth and Dare or Red hand or dumb Charades… It all started with school friends! We all have played these games specially truth and dare (coz you get to know the dirty little secrets of each other?)

4. Plans- We make many plans with our school friends, be it a trip to goa or house party plan but most of these plans are unsuccessful!! But planning is also fun right?

5. Tiffin- Khane ka Dabba is the most important part of school and if you haven’t asked your friend to open the tiffin in class then you’ve not put them in a dare devil situation! Eating tiffin in class enhances the taste of the food 100 times.

6.Shhh secret- So all your secrets be it a dirty one or an emotional one, we have shared it all with them.

7. “ I’ll save you from this situation….” yeah right, with the world’s funniest, weirdest solution possible! When two brains, equally unstable and immature work together a life time memory is sure to be created…

Let us know your about your memories with your friends from school in the comment section below?!

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