What really is ” No Shave November”?

It’s finally November and the internet is already flooding with the ‘no shave November’ memes and with men uploading pictures and selfies of their unkempt hair and beard.


Well it’s just not another trend taking us all over but has a definite meaning and purpose linked to it. The ‘ice bucket challenge’ was closely associated to promote awareness of the ‘motor neuron disease’, also known as ALS, and encourage donation, awareness and research towards it.
‘No shave November’ (NSN) aims at growing awareness towards cancer and henceforth raising funds to support cancer prevention, research and education. NSN basically is a web- based non-profit organization focusing on the same. In a month’s long journey, (as the name suggests) participants skip on shaving and grooming which must call up a conversation and raise awareness towards cancer (through verbal campaigns) by embracing our hair  -which unfortunately the cancer patients undergoing the chemotherapy tend to lose- and just letting them grow, free.


Instead, donate the money we typically spend on maintaining these hair, to educate about cancer prevention, save lives and aid those fighting the battle.
Participate in the noble cause by going ‘blade free’ this November and ditch those razors for about thirty straight days.


Grow hairy, go natural, dishevel your appearance and set your own personal ‘no shave November’ fundraising page.

Shrankhla Verma | Content Writer | DU Times

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