The ‘real’ drama – Bigg Boss!

Like the many rituals performed during Diwali, the Indian Television seems to have adopted the launch of a very popular reality show, every year without fail. The name has almost become a household name and isn’t new to anyone – BIGG BOSS. The concept is basically to make 14-15 celebrities from various field live under one roof for about 90 days. During their stay in the house, they are made aloof from the outside world. They have no access to any form of social media, or even with their family members. From cleaning the washrooms to cooking food, from organizing cupboards, to washing utensils, there’s not one thing they get any sort of domestic help with. They have these weekly tasks or activities to perform which decide the basic grocery they can win for the coming week. When summarized like this, all this might appear to be all fun and games. But, let’s take a closer picture and really analyze how exiting this show really is.

First things first, there’s some really petite issues that are fussed about on air. For example, how long do you think must one feel ‘bad’ about not getting a chapati as round as the one sitting parallel to them? Well Bigg Boss episodes suggest, for really long. Off lately, some seasons have also witnessed celebrities romancing on screen, falling in love in the most picture perfect way, and breaking up after months of the show coming to its end. Say what you may, but even this seems to be done to increase the Television Rating Point (TRP) of the show. Most of us also feel that many parts of the show are scripted, only to gain more publicity.

One of the most popularBollywood stars, Salman Khan hosts the show, and makes a visit through the TV in the house, to interact with the contestants. He is seen judging the fairness of the whereabouts of the whole week. Often, the topics that are brought up seem way too childish to even discuss, but somehow manage to raise TRP.

If we come to think of it, the show isn’t really spreading a good message, or even teaching a moral to its target audience. We see grown-ups fighting over petite issues. Their fights can get really ugly at times. The use of their ‘verbal weapons’ is not something that should be encouraged, or even appreciated on a National Television. There is this unusual violence streak that some contestants have always displayed. Some of them are always seen in an angry mood, always wanting to fight or hit eachother.

There are some sides to this show which are quite entertaining, to be honest. But the drama, the fake acts done and the violence streak publicized, rules that out. All in all, the real concept of the show seems to be fading and blinding out in the show because of the publicity stunts.

Tanya Goel | Content Writer | DU Times