Philosophy Honors And Its Charm

Today everything is about science, money, technology ,etc and one can often expect an eye roll when one mentions about pursuing or thinking to pursue philosophy as a major. ‘Philosophy is not real knowledge’,’Philosophy makes you over think for no reason’,’Philosophy is of no use in future’ are some of the common remarks one might come across but one should not lose focus as there things are far from being real. Philosophy is a wonderful course which helps even in personality development during all stages of life. Here are some reasons which might compel you to take up philosophy:

1. It compels you to think
While discussing about great thinkers it would be more than natural for you to pull off your thinking socks on and reach out to the unexplored aspects of life.

2. It is bound to make you a much more mature person
It should be kept in mind that the above statement won’t hold true if you spend whole of your 3 years in just mugging up Aristotle and Kant. To gain that wisdom you need to understand what made a philosopher quote or preach a certain thing. Once you will begin to understand that, you are surely going to enjoy your subject more and apply the same principles in day to day life.

3. Its much more than learning solely about philosophers
Logic and ethics are a crucial part of the philosophy curriculum. Logic helps a person in solving mathematical to real life problems and ethics teach how can one lead a life having high morals.

4. It is very useful for UPSC aspirants
Because of the limited portion philosophy has, it is quite popular as the optional paper which one is required to opt for during civil services exam.