Couldn’t get to DU? Don’t get Disappointed..!

The sky high DU cutoffs are always the trending talk in this admission season and no doubt, due to this, approximately only 10% applicants are able to get into DU, that too after compromising a bit on their college and courses choices. Unfortunately, due to limited seats, DU cannot admit all and this high competition takes place. But gone are the days of limited options. Today, With other varsities providing the same quality of education, facilities and ECAs, one does not need to get disappointed at all. Here are the options one can opt for if not DU:

  • Other Reputed Universities and Colleges: India has a number of reputed and established universities and colleges in various states in spite of Delhi that offer quality education in variety of courses. Loyola college, St.Xaviers, Banaras Hindu University, BITS, University of Calcutta, Hyderabad, Madras, Punjab to name just a few among many of them.
  • Other Institutes in Delhi/NCR: The capital region is a hub of educational institutions in spite of Delhi University. If you could not clear DU cutoffs, you can go for reputed institutions such as Jawaharlal Nehru University which offers undergraduate courses in 9 languages, Ambedkar University, Jamia Milia Islamia, Indian Institute of Statistical Studies and many more. These universities are no less than DU in terms of competency and quality.
  • GGSIPU: Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is a big university in Delhi, it has a position no less than DU itself and offers a vast range of courses. IPU holds entrance tests every year to admit students and 12th class marks are not a major criteria. It is totally worth considering if DU cutoffs could not be cleared.
  • Private Universities: The rise of private universities in terms of Quality has been remarkable. Not only are they equally competent with government universities like DU, JNU etc., but also provide global level standards of education. They excel in infrastructure, they appear in global rankings lists and their degree holds value too. Some of them are Amity University, GD Goenka, Manipal University , and these are just a speck in the vast number of options present. These are equally involved in the competitions and activities that DU colleges hold.
  • Diplomas/Vocational Courses: If you could not get a regular undergraduate course, its definitely a wise decision to go for a professional diploma. In fact, a professional diploma can get you a good job and these are the trend now a days. Elementary Teacher Training(offered by DIET), Diploma in Office Management(offered by YWCA) etc. are very famous diplomas now a days to opt for the best utilization of your time and resources. And you can pursue undergraduation alongside if you wish to.
  • Specialised Course based entrance tests: There are many colleges and Universities where 12th class marks are not a basis of admission. These universities hold entrance tests to admit students. Some of these entrance tests include JET, CLAT(Law), IPM(IIM Indore) and many more which you can research about and give a shot to get admitted in India’s top ranked institutions.
  • Distance Learning: Distance learning or Open learning has come up as a bright option. Indira Gandhi National open university(IGNOU), School of Open Learning(SOL, DU), Madurai Kamraj University are some of the institutes that offer undergraduate courses that have acceptance all over. You can attend classes as per your wish. There is no compromise with the quality of education. The faculty and facilities are also nice. And you can also pursue a diploma or a vocational course alongside if you wish to.


Priyanka Dudeja,
Writer – DU Times

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