Perks of Studying In South Campus

As 12th results are out and students have to make decisions about their career. They attend counselling to make a better decision about college and course and most often they told that if they are going for admission their top most priority should be North Campus, but why not South Campus.

We all know the perks of studying in North Campus, but we are unaware of perks of studying in South Campus.

So, here I am listing some perks of studying in South Campus.

1. Let’s go Satya Niketan (Satya Chalein ?)


We all know that Delhi is known for its food. We are where the food is.    Students of South Campus spend their more time in Satya than in college to have those rolls, Maggi, Momos and some chilled drinks. Whatever you ask Satya have that.

2.  Shopping! Shopping!


Oh, how can we forget that the south campus has the biggest shopping hub for girls? From Sarojini to select city walk, you will find everything. Sarojini Nagar is a heaven for girls.

3. Oh, we love hukkas

We are pro at hukkas there are many places in Satya that provide many flavours of shisha and yes, we are pro in making those perfect rings until it gets disappeared.


 4. Amazing College fests.

Not kidding we ran out of passes for our own college fests, ‘coz all our friends from north campus and from other universities reserve their dates to attend fest at JMC, Gargi and LSR. To be very honest it is amazing to watch that people from north campus reserve their dates 😛


5. Coolest hangout places (GK Chalein?)

Just like GTB Nagar in north campus, we have some coolest places to hangout like GK, Khan market , Defence Colony and Gurgaon too. Amazing no?


6. Oh, the crowd

Well, we all are aware of the crowd of South Campus you can find here that every girl is the fashion diva from hair to toe and not kidding they look amazing, boys from north campus comes at south campus just to feel the heat of south campus 😛

7. The beauty of Campus


No, doubt that DU got the best campus in South from Gargi to Matryi. Even the south campus building is just amazing building is overloaded with greenery everywhere.

8. We have got some unique culture too.

Just like Hindu college of north campus has its unique culture the south campuses colleges like Venky and Gargi has its own culture. Venky has its own temple and priest and every year Venky organise a massive puja and celebrations held for it. Whereas Gargi has its own culture called “retreat” where the students can retreat after long day classes and get a nap on few of those beds lying around. so cool! Right?

If you have this misconception that South campus is not equal to the North campus so you guys really need to come down south, you will get the idea what you are missing.

Aao Kabhi South Campus! 😛

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