Over 68 Percent Students Against DU’s Open Book Exams, Reveals Survey

As the University of Delhi gears up to hold final semester examinations through open-book mode, more than 68 percent students have opined that they would not be able to take the online examinations, a survey conducted by Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) has revealed.

Open Book Exams

The survey comes in the backdrop of the University of Delhi mulling to hold online ‘open-book’ examinations in case the coronavirus pandemic situation does not normalise. This decision has been met with opposition and many students’ and teachers’ bodies had written to the university’s administration questioning the feasibility of online exams. The major issue pointed out by them was the lack of or poor internet connectivity.

According to the survey, while 58 percent of the students surveyed said they have an internet connection, with 46.4 percent of them having a secured broadband connection, the respondents were not in favour of taking online exams, as stated by the New Indian Express.

In addition, more than 71 percent of those surveyed mentioned that they were not able to concentrate on studies at their place of residence and 75.4 percent of the students said they are going through mental stress owing to the country’s lockdown and the pandemic.

With the varsity closed in view of the country’s lockdown, the teaching has shifted to the online mode. Whereas, more than 58 percent of the students said they are rarely able to attend online classes.

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