DU Question Papers being Prepared

University of Delhi insists Open Book Exams

Delhi University issued a notificationon 18th May 2020. It has ordered the examination body to start preparing question papers for the final semester/term/ year for 2019-20. The examination will be held in an Open Book Test format.

As per the notification, there will be changes in the pattern of the question paper. As it is open text based, changes will be made avcordingly. But the maximum marks will be same for each subject.

Also, ex- students will be allowed to give the improvement exams so that they can complete their degrees. This confirms the examination for third year students. But the examination for 1st and 2nd year students is still sceptical.

The decision of organising open book test has been taken by DU in wake of the ongoing deadly coronavirus and the nation wide lockdown in India.


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