Union Cabinet Releases A New National Education Policy

National Education Policy Brings Various Integral Changes

New National Education Policy (NEP) is released by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. Additionally, these changes have come after almost three decades. These changes are for schools as well as higher educational institutes of the country.

Moreover, the NEP is looking to make an effective education system. Additionally, it also aims to deliver higher quality education to all. Further, also aiming to make the country a global power in the field of education.

The integral changes in the new policy are

  1. The mother language will be the medium of instruction till 5th standard. Additionally, all school levels and higher education institutes will offer Sanskrit language, including in the formula of three language.
  2. The curriculum of the school will also change to the core concepts. Further, the vocational education will also be unified from the sixth standard.
  3. The students will also have a greater level of flexibility. Moreover, they will also have greater freedom in their choice of subjects. This also includes subjects such as the disciplines in the physical education, vocational skills as well as art and crafts.
  4. There will also be common entrance assessments or exams by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Additionally, these exams are for the purpose of admissions to different universities and other institutes for higher education.
  5. The report cards will be an extensive report on the skills as well as the capabilities, instead of just marks or statements.
  6. M.Phil courses will not continue under this new policy.
  7. Only a single regulator will govern all the other institutes of higher education, except for the medical and legal institutes.
  8. Public investment to reach a GDP of 6% at the earliest.
  9. The new policy is also seeking to expand the access to higher education for 50% of the students of high school by the year 2035. Moreover, an addition of 3.5 crore seats will also be made to higher level institutes.

Further, the NEP also include other changes.


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